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GEA Group AG

The GEA Group, headquartered in Bochum, Germany, is a globally successful technology group with more than 250 companies in 50 countries.

The company now focuses on specialty mechanical engineering especially process engineering and equipment. GEA Group technologies are applied in the food, chemical and petrochemical industries, the energy sector, air treatment and shipbuilding as well as the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. The GEA Group is one of the world`s market and technology leaders in 90 per cent of its businesses.

GEA is a solid foundation for the Polacel activities and it provides us with greater scope. Good contacts with affiliated organizations that are leaders in our field provide an ongoing stimulus to our own development. This is what makes Polacel a leader in the introduction of technological improvements. GEA is a solid foundation for the Polacel activities and it provides us with a greater scope.

GEA Polacel Cooling Towers

GEA Polacel designs, manufactures and maintains cooling towers. The company is synonymous with quality and innovation in this area. Corporation has been building cooling towers that are designed to prevent corrosion and in fact it is still in the lead when it comes to efficiency and noise reduction. The company stands for high quality backed up by an outstanding service organization. This way, we offer the comfort of complete security to our customers.


GEA-IRAN with a long service record in the cooling tower technology and retaining the agency of GEA Polacel from Netherlands which is a well-known company in Cooling towers with a backbone of 40 years in planning and constructing cooling towers in the world, has the honor to announce that with the help and cooperation of big industries in eliminating the industrial needs of our country take strong steps toward the advancement of our dear homeland's industries.

GEA-IRAN Capabilities

  • The building offers a variety of cooling towers with a mix of stainless steel /galvanized g / concrete and GRP with unlimited capacity of 1 m³ / h to 7500 m³ / h per cell.
  • Cooling Tower Fill & Drift Eliminators
  • Offers a variety of composite and aluminum fans
  • Offers a variety of spray nozzles
  • Offers a variety of Drive shaft
  • Offers a variety of Gear Box
  • Offers a variety of Vibration Switch
  • Offers a variety of stainless steel nails used in wooden tower
  • Preparation of technical documentation and design of the old towers and the installation and overhaul Cooling Towers
  • Perform periodic maintenance services and replacement of equipment, cooling towers
  • Professionals and skilled technicians in the company's short and to the best possible methods of repair and installation of cooling towers and re-calculation and optimization of service

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