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Fills and Nozzles for Cross-Flow Cooling Towers

Optimal heat transfer properties – low pressure drop

Generally, every cross fluted fill could be cut to be installed in a cross-flow cooling tower. Such a fill, however, would not perfectly fit the requirements; GEA therefore developed a special range of fill for this type of tower (FX12.12 or KSN with a drift eliminator section KSA and air inlet louver section KSB).

Installation depths (air travel distance) and inclination vary with each brand of cooling tower. GEA 2H offers fill depths of 300 and 600 mm. Combinations of these allow different installation depths (e.g. 300 + 600 = 900 mm). In most cross-flow cooling towers the fills are vertically installed at a certain angle (e.g. 10°). The GEA 2H cross-flow cooling tower fills are cut to the required angle of inclination upon customer request.

Blocks with the integral drift eliminators (KSA) must be installed at the air outlet side (inside of the tower). The straight channels are directed upwards in the direction of flow. GEA 2H fills have been shown to meet all drift eliminator requirements at air speeds between 1 and approx. 3.5 m/s. To avoid any risk when operating above this air speed, it is suggested an extra drift eliminator be installed at a distance of 300 mm behind the KSA fill. The best type for this purpose is the TEP 130 drift eliminator. Blocks with the integral air inlet louvre (KSB) must be installed at the air inlet side of the tower. The straight channels are directed downwards in the direction of flow. Depending on installation depth in the cooling tower, a KSN type fill can be installed between KSA and KSB fill (see sketch). Due to its corrugation geometry the FX12.12 could be installed vertically without inclination. At air velocities higher than 3.2 m/s a small inclination of 2° is required.

  • Cross-Flow Tower Fills(Technical Data)
Type FSX12.12 KSN 612 KSN 619 KSN 627
Material PVC PP PP PP
Specific surface height [m2/m3] 243 240 150 125
Corrugation height [mm] 12 12 19 27
Max. installation height [mm] 2400 2200 2200 2200
Max. width [mm] 600 600 600 600
Installation depth [mm] 300 / 600 / 900 300 / 600 300 / 600 300 / 600
Max. application temp. [°C] 55 75 75 75
Void ratio [%] >97 >97 >97 >97
  • on request up to 100 °C
Type TEP-SP 130
Material PP
Max. length [mm] 2400
Max. width [mm] 700
Height [mm] 125 / 250
Weight [kg/m2] ≈ 4
Drift loss [%] >0.002
Max. application temperature [°C] 80
Max. face velocity [m/s] 45
Max. distance between supports [mm] 1000
  • GEA 2H SANIPACKING® Anti-Legionella Drift Eliminators are available in PP (Polypropylene)
Type NET 150
Material PP
Specific surface area [m2/m3] 80
Corrugation height [mm] 20
Lenght [mm] 905
Width [mm] 604
Height [mm] 450
Spacing of supports [mm] 800
Width of supports [mm] 50
Max. application temp. short term [°C] 80
Continuous operation temp. [°C] 70
Void ratio [%] <97
  • GEA 2H SANIPACKING® NET – For cooling towers with special operation conditions

Water Distribution Nozzles

GEA offers water distribution nozzles for cooling towers, humidifiers, scrubbers, air coolers and aerators. These nozzles are made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide (nylon). Being correctly assembled, the axial nozzles distribute the water with a spray angle of 120°, providing optimum water distribution above the cooling tower packing.

Axial nozzle designed as complete cone spiral nozzle which consists of a casing and an insert.

After correct assembly the nozzle distributes the water with a spray angle of 120°.

The water flow rate depends on the operational pressure.

The arrangement in the plant, i.e. nozzle distance and height, is dependent on the respective plant design.

Advantages of the SPN Nozzles:

  • Optimum water distribution(Full cone nozzle with maximum spray angle of 120°)
  • Low clogging and scaling tendency(Due to smooth surface design)
  • Constant self-cleaning(By high turbulence in the nozzle body)
  • Easy installation onto the piping system(Due to BSP thread and hexagon body design)
  • High resistance to a large range of chemicals(Nozzles are made of glass reinforced polyamide (nylon) )
  • Technical Data
Type SPN 015 SPN 020 SPN 025
Material glass reinforced polyamide (nylon) glass reinforced polyamide (nylon) glass reinforced polyamide (nylon)
Thread ISO 228/1 [inch] 2 21½
Thread height [mm] 17.5 19 28
Total nozzles height [mm] 48 60 75
Spanner width [mm] 50 65 80
Spray angle [°] 120 120 120
Operation pressure [bar] 0.2 - 2.0 0.2 - 2.0 0.2 - 2.0
Permanent service temp. [°C] 60 60 60
Max. application temp. [°C] 80 80 80
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