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Cooling tower components - Cooling Tower’s Fan

Howden designs and manufactures large fans and blowers, rotary heat exchangers and process gas compressors for utility and industrial applications. All Howden equipment is built to order to individual customer specification and is engineered to provide long and reliable service even in the most demanding conditions.

Howden industrial cooling fans are designed for cooling towers, heat exchangers, and steam condensers. They range in size from fans for packaged cooling systems to fans up to 25m diameter for cooling towers.

Each of These cooling fan designs has its own unique characteristics in terms of efficiency, noise levels and application. The Company has developed these cooling fans over the last 50 years and offer the most reliable and quietest cooling fans available.

Howden’s cooling fans are widely used in the power and petrochemical industries and for large scale HVAC applications.

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Cooling tower components
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