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Service for cooling towers

Optimal performance

Cooling towers are the reliable, energy efficient drudges of process technology and climate control. They provide answers to the demands of people, equipment and the environment.
Relative to the scope of their task, the maintenance needs of cooling towers are very modest. However, in order to be sure that the cooling tower is able to create the right conditions under all circumstances, maintenance must be targeted and effective.

Specialist service

The Cooling Tower Technology Inc. service organization specializes in cooling tower maintenance. Irrespective of the brand or model, our specialists know all the in and out of the whole technical area.
As a part of Cooling Tower Technology Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier in this field, we are also involved in the latest developments. This is why we guarantee our customers at the best possible cooling tower performance unmatched by any other service organization.

Periodic inspections

Periodic inspections give you the assurance of a problem-free cooling tower operation. Cooling Tower Technology Inc. offers a choice of two service models.
Clients that have an inspection contract, have their cooling towers checked by our experts, who record their findings in a detailed report and make maintenance recommendations on the basis of it.
When the customer has a periodic inspection and maintenance contract, we take care of all the maintenance. This is a comprehensive solution where we adapt our maintenance programmer to meet your requirements and your schedule, as put down in clear agreements.

Maintenance, overhaul and revamp

Thirty years of experience in the maintenance of cooling towers
Cooling Tower Technology Inc. has more than thirty years of experience in the maintenance of cooling towers. We work in accordance with the requirements described by ISO, VCA, VDMA, CTI and Euro-Vent.
Cooling Tower Technology Inc. can carry out the maintenance needed in virtually every location and in practically any time frame. CTTI's service organization guarantees optimal performance at minimal cost suits your wishes, whether the maintenance is scheduled or corrective, with or without a contract, and independent of brand or version.
If an overhaul or revamp is needed, Cooling Tower Technology Inc. can provide you a full and complete implementation (for example including the removal and disposal of asbestos). We can limit our operation without bothering you from functioning. The result is guaranteed.

Fans in balance

When a fan is out of balance, there are numerous negative effects. The immediate results are lower efficiency, shorter lifetime, more noise and damage to the drive.
We have sophisticated equipment to measure the imbalance and to help to eliminate it. A regular check is a sensible preventive measure.

Replace or upgrade

A higher demand for cooling does not necessarily imply a new cooling tower. Cooling Tower Technology Inc. is able to increase the capacity of your cells.
We can get more out of your cooling tower through, among other things, better fill, and a more efficient fan and modified water distribution.

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