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GEA Field-erected Mechanical Draft Cooling Towers

Concrete cooling towers from GEA support a wide range of thermal duties and water flow rates in numerous installations worldwide, ensuring confidence in the performance of GEA heat rejection solutions. Concrete cooling towers from GEA are an effective wet cooling solution where geographic location and local construction costs are conducive to this type of tower. Both natural draft shells as well as fan-assisted towers are available. GEA has extensive, field-proven experience in building and maintaining concrete cooling towers and offers extensive renovation and upgrade services to enhance the longevity of existing towers.

For any cooling-water flow and heat capacity

Field-erected Mechanical Draft Cooling Towers are truly impressive because of their compact structure. They are equipped with forced-draft or induced-draft fans and are the solution of choice for industrial applications such as power plants, chemical and petrochemical facilities, steel mills, lumber and paper mills, and air conditioning facilities – for any levels of cooling-water flow and heat capacity.

The use of Mechanical Draft Cooling Towers allows flexible design to satisfy process requirements and environmental conditions. The Mechanical Draft Cooling Tower design furthermore guarantees great flexibility. For example, individual cells can be serviced and, if necessary, drained while the system is in operation.

GEA designs, manufactures and installs a complete range of cooling towers based on crossflow and counterflow. Our innovative systems enable us to supply capacity as required. Our extensive product know-how provides solutions for practically all requirements. As a manufacturer with our own engineering department, we can address specific client wishes where necessary. Overall erection and investment costs are low. The tailored design of Mechanical Draft Cooling Towers allows a high degree of prefabrication, as well as rapid erection.

An additional aspect is material diversity. According to requirements, our Mechanical Draft Cooling Towers can be manufactured from a wide range of materials that have proved their effectiveness in countless applications. This spectrum extends from stainless steel and concrete to timber and fiberglass.

The charging of the system with fills is also highly flexible. Whereas we recommend the freeflow system for extensively dirty media, we can employ correspondingly more efficient fills with cleaner media.


  • Rectangular and circular designs are available to meet specific application requirements mechanical draft, natural draft and fan assisted natural draft models are available
  • Cost-effective supply options include:
    • Design only - civil and / or mechanical
    • Internals only
    • Turnkey design
    • Supply and erect services
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